ShockPros Motorsports is a pioneer in the UTV door business. We were one of the first UTV Door manufacturers back when the Yamaha Rhino hit the scene in 2004 when it all started, EVEN BEFORE UTVS WERE COOL!

Our original product line started back in 2001 with ATV and Snowmobile shock covers that had a slogan: ‘KEEP ‘EM COVERED’ . This still applies today with our ever-expanding product line of UTV Cab Kits, Door Kits, Roofs, and Rear Windows.

With over 20 different UTV door kits in our main line up, ShockPros Motorsports is now one of the largest UTV door kit producers in North America.

Our goal is to provide practicality, performance and quality at an affordable price is what we aim for. We are always improving and adding new kits as the UTV industry continues to grow. Keeping you comfortable and out of the elements while enjoying your UTV is what we strive for.

Our main focus is putting customer satisfaction first. We understand that accessorizing your machine can be as much fun and exciting as riding it! With our unique skill and ability to have a full sewing and metal fabrication shop all under one roof, allows us to produce high quality products built in house, right here in North America!


Our Full/Half convertible UTV door design continues to lead the industry.


Polaris RANGER 1000

Our Door Kits are Designed with 4-Seasons in Mind. All Tops are Removable

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Built In-House
High Performance
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Built In-House

Because all our doors are built in-house, this allows you to order any part to our doors if you damage or loose any piece in the future at any time.

Always Available!

Since we build UTV doors from scratch, right here! This means that you will never see “Out of Stock on our website! Our quality doors don’t rely on any overseas products!

Great Value

We build our doors to a certain price level because we know you don’t want to, or even need to spend thousands of dollars on doors.


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Our original doors mainly available

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