Solid Series Door Kits


Shockpros Motorsports “SOLID SERIES” UTV door kits are truly an All Season door kit in One! Full or Half convertible door kit with removeable upper windows.

Lower section is designed with a tough one inch tubular metal frame. Precision CNC cut and welded 18 gauge metal outer plate is powder coated textured black for added  durability and good looks!

Upper window section has a full frame, wrapped with a heavy duty fabric and a tinted 20 gauge vinyl window that all removes in seconds to convert into half doors!

Opens and closes like a car door with a double steel pin front hinge system (not suicide doors like all others)

Adjustable and replaceable Slam latch makes getting in and out quick and easy! Easy exit linkage system makes getting out easy with no reaching to find the latch in the dark. Outer flexible pull handle strap will not get damaged when riding in tight treed areas!

Shockpros Motorsports is the manufacture! Built in our facility and not bought nor made overseas! which means you can get any part to this door if needed at anytime if damaged or lost in the future!

All door kits include both driver and passenger doors with uppers and lowers, instructions and all hardware needed.


Door Options and Add-ons

  • Upper window “mesh” system: Allows you to remove the upper window and replace it with a heavy duty breathable mesh window. Designed for when the weather gets warmer! Keeps sticks, mud and branches from entering the cab area protecting riders!
  • Custom fit Mirrors: We have designed mirrors to fit and work specifically onto our doors. Easy install and no modifications to your doors!


Commonly Asked Questions

Are these the best doors on the market?
No you can spend a lot more money and get better doors, however our doors are the best bang for the buck we guarantee that! Why settle for full soft doors or spend thousands on Poly doors?


Do the doors seal up perfect?
No, we do not include any weather strip (to keep cost down) with the doors (you can add your own) there are some very slight gaps here and there but these doors will block out 99 percent of the wind!
Will the doors work with all roofs?
For the most part yes, however if your roof (there are so many different ones) has a lower side drip edge it may come in contact with the top of the doors when closed. Minor trimming of your roof may be needed worse case!
Will the doors work with all windshields?
For the most part yes, however some windshields have fatter clamps that can interfere with the door closing tight against the leading edge roll bar causing gaps. Your can add a foam weather strip in between the clamps to prevent the gaps.
Will the doors work with my roll bar mounted mirrors?
No this will prevent the doors from closing all together, you may need to remove them or Purchase the custom fit Shockpros Motorsports optional mirror kit that fits perfect on our doors.


Will the doors ship the same day?
No! our doors are always available and never “out of stock” however we package all orders daily. (because of all the options) we need aprox. 5 business days (may be less) to get them out.


Do the tops have zippers to open the window?
No we found that zippers do not hold up in the elements long. The tops snap around the upper frame and you can unsnap some snaps to get air in the cab or just remove the tops all together!